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Newsletter Chronicles a Year of Achievement for SMIDGE

The SMIDGE Project is delighted to celebrate its first project anniversary by releasing its second newsletter for March 2024.

In this latest newsletter, we reflect on our significant achievements and progress during our inaugural year. Highlights include:

  • First Year Feats: The project has made substantial strides in understanding the landscape of online extremism and conspiracy theories among middle-aged individuals in Europe. Through extensive horizon scanning and literature reviews, valuable insights have been gained into the scope and impact of extremist material online.

  • Moving Forward: As the project enters its second phase, it gears up for key empirical data collection through surveys and focus groups with the 45-65 age group. The goal is to develop targeted counter-narratives aimed at discouraging engagement with extremist content.

  • Podcast Series Launch: A bi-monthly podcast series has been launched, exploring various facets of online extremism and conspiracy theories through insightful discussions with experts in the field.

  • Upcoming Events: The newsletter also provides a sneak peek into exciting upcoming events, including a panel discussion on 'The Hybridization of Conspiracy Theories, Misinformation, and Extremism on Social Media' and a webinar titled 'Understanding and Countering Far-Right Extremism in the EU and Balkans.'

The SMIDGE Project extends its gratitude to its dedicated team, partners and supporters whose commitment has fueled its progress.


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