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Danish Newspaper Uniavisen Covers SMIDGE Project

The SMIDGE Project, a major European research project aimed at studying extremism on social media among 45-65-year-olds, has already generated significant interest even before its official launch. In February, the Danish newspaper Uniavisen published an article about the SMIDGE Project, highlighting the importance of studying this age group in relation to extremism on social media. The title of the article reads ‘She wants to find out why your uncle gets radicalized on the internet’.

According to Line Nybro Petersen, the head of the SMIDGE Project and a digital fan culture researcher, 45-65-year-olds take up more space on social media but have not been thoroughly studied in relation to extremism. When examining extremism, most studies focus on specific religious groups or try to find out if young people are being radicalized by computer games. However, Petersen believes that there are indications that a larger threat comes from the slightly older group.

The SMIDGE Project aims to fill this research gap by examining the ways in which social media is used to radicalize this age group. The project will explore the factors that contribute to radicalization and identify strategies to prevent it from happening. By doing so, the SMIDGE Project hopes to help mitigate the dangers of extremism on social media and make the online world a safer place for everyone.

The SMIDGE Project's focus on studying 45-65-year-olds in relation to extremism on social media is an important step towards understanding and addressing this growing issue. Uniavisen's coverage highlights the importance of studying this under-researched age group and the need to find ways to prevent radicalization on social media.


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