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Horizon Scanning report 2016-2023

This preliminary report outlines the diverse theoretical fields that shape the SMIDGE project, providing a framework for our ongoing research. SMIDGE explores several major disciplines including psychology, law, philosophy, and technology studies. 

D4.6 Progress report on data scraping extremist content

The research presented in this report is closely intertwined with other tasks within the SMIDGE framework. Therefore, it shares an overall theoretical framework with other work packages and tasks, particularly the task of mapping ‘current popular conspiracy theories, misinformation, and extremist content’ 


Based on the preliminary outcomes of WP3 and WP4, SMIDGE developed an online survey to examine the factors that are related to attitudes and experiences of extremist media in middle age. The survey focuses on exploring the impact of demographic, social, personality and cognitive factors on middle-aged individuals’ extremist and conspiratorial mindset and their ability to evaluate media content.

D4.1 – Progress Report on
Social Network Analysis and Text Analysis

This progress report explores harmful content propagation on social media, focusing on disinformation and conspiracy theories related to online radicalization. Using data from the Daily Mail forum, Telegram, and YouTube, the research examines the mechanics and impact of this content on public opinion and societal discourse.

D3.3 Progress report on conspiracy theories,

misinformation and extremist content

This report aims to create a theoretical framework and analytical guidelines for studying extremism on social media. It focuses on the hybridization trend, guiding future research on extremist expression and violent threats in spaces where mainstream and extreme views intersect.

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