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Invitation to Participate in Smidge Survey on Social Media Safety

Are you between the ages of 45-65? Do you want to help make social media a safer place for everyone?

We invite you to participate in our online survey and contribute to important research on how we engage with and trust media sources.

As part of the SMIDGE Project, we are conducting a study to investigate how individuals in the 45-65 age group interact with news and information on social media. With topics ranging from climate change and the pandemic to immigration, we aim to understand how these interactions influence attitudes and experiences.

How to Join?

Visit the Survey: Choose your preferred language below to take the survey:

English: Survey Link

Italian: Survey Link

German: Survey Link

Scan the QR Code: Use your camera or a third-party QR scanning app to access the survey.


Note: A good internet connection is required for participation as the survey includes videos and pictures that may be heavy on data.

Why Your Participation Matters?

Your input will help us analyse how middle-aged individuals assess the trustworthiness of online content, especially in the context of misinformation on social, environmental and health topics. This research is crucial as it aims to address the specific experiences and challenges faced by this demographic, often overlooked in favour of studies focused on younger users.

The SMIDGE project is a collaborative effort involving partners from Denmark, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium, Kosovo, Austria and the UK, all working together to create a safer and more reliable online environment.

For any inquiries or additional information, please contact the research team via the passcode provided in the survey.


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