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Hybridization of Extremism Seminar Held in Copenhagen

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SMIDGE is an EU-funded Horizon Europe research project dedicated to exploring the impact of extremist narratives on the middle-aged population. We are investigating the attraction of extremist content on social media and how it influences this group. Our goal is to provide policy-makers with valuable insights and recommendations through our reports, policy briefs and online counter-narrative content.

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Misinformation, conspiracy theories and extremism

online pose significant challenges for governments and society today. Social media algorithms often amplify these narratives, as they generate higher engagement and revenue. This trend can influence public perceptions of democratic institutions, trust in science, and even incite calls for disruptive actions against elected governments.

Understanding the dynamics of online extremism is crucial for safeguarding political discourse and democratic processes. Efforts to combat these challenges must consider diverse demographic perspectives and behaviors across all age groups. By addressing these issues comprehensively, we can promote informed digital citizenship and protect societal values in the digital age.

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In today's digital age, extremist narratives thrive online, appealing to individuals across all age groups who engage with both traditional media like TV and newspapers and online platforms. Middle-aged adults, aged 45-65, play significant roles in shaping public opinion and discourse. Their experience and leadership contribute to societal norms and values, influencing how information is consumed and shared.

While they may approach digital platforms differently than younger generations, their engagement with online media is substantial. Understanding their perspectives and interactions online is crucial for addressing misinformation and extremism effectively. The SMIDGE project seeks to explore these dynamics, highlighting the pivotal role middle-aged individuals play in shaping digital conversations and informing future strategies for promoting digital literacy and responsible online behavior.

Introducing the SMIDGE Project
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