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Bi-Monthly Podcast Series SmidgeCast Launched

In a stride toward fostering informed discussions on pressing issues, the SMIDGE Project has launched SmidgeCast, a dynamic bi-monthly podcast series. This insightful series, now accessible on the official YouTube channel, explores critical subjects such as online extremism, disinformation, conspiracy theories and their specific impact on the middle-aged demographic.

SmidgeCast offers listeners a thoughtful exploration of these complex topics, unraveling their implications in the context of the digital landscape. Episodes will be released bi-monthly, providing a regular dose of insights and expert perspectives. The series aims to engage a wide audience, fostering awareness and enhance understanding of the challenges posed by extremist narratives, particularly focusing on their impact on the middle-aged and democratic processes.

Not only confined to YouTube, SmidgeCast has also secured a spot on major podcast platforms, including Spotify, Google Podcasts and more.

Join us in this intellectual journey by subscribing to SmidgeCast on our YouTube channel and your favorite podcast platforms. Stay informed, stay engaged.


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