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SMIDGE YouTube Channel Debuts with Inaugural Video

The SMIDGE Project is thrilled to announce the launch of its official YouTube channel. The channel will serve as a dynamic platform for sharing insightful content, ranging from podcast episodes and brief partner interviews to webinars and impactful documentaries.

The inaugural video on the channel provides an exciting introduction to the project's mission, objectives and the diverse range of content viewers can expect. As part of this initiative, the SMIDGE Project is committed to creating engaging counter-narrative videos specifically designed for those in middle-age. These videos aim to stimulate positive reflection and critical thinking, playing a crucial role in curbing the spread and impact of extremist narratives.

Subscribers can look forward to a variety of thought-provoking materials that delve into the complexities of online extremism, disinformation and related topics. The SMIDGE Project invites everyone to join this intellectual journey by subscribing to the YouTube channel, ensuring access to the latest content and staying informed about the project's efforts to combat extremist narratives.


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