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Sustainability in Focus: Jason Lee's Oaxacan Study

We are thrilled to announce that Jason Lee, a distinguished member of the SMIDGE team, has recently contributed a chapter titled 'Transversal Feminism, SDGs, and Digital Media Literacy in Mexico – a Oaxacan study' to the book The Mediation of Sustainability: Development Goals, Social Movements, and Public Dissent.

The book critically examines the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a comprehensive plan established in 2015 to address various global challenges over a fifteen-year period. These goals encompass crucial areas such as poverty reduction, gender equality, clean energy, climate action and more.

Jason Lee's chapter specifically focuses on a case study conducted in Oaxaca, Mexico. Through extensive interviews, meetings, and focus groups in both Oaxaca city and indigenous communities, Lee and his team evaluated existing initiatives by local organizations and international foundations. They engaged with partners like ICAPET and collaborated with a UK start-up to develop and test a toolkit for digital media literacy training.

The study aimed to enhance collaboration between industry partners on a regional and global scale, successfully attracting interest from the United Nations, the Federal Mexican Government, the UK Government, and various NGOs and government departments operating in Oaxaca State.

The geographic scope of the study covered communities in Santiago Matatlan, Zaachila, Tlcoluka, and San Augustine Etla. Objectives included industry collaboration, stakeholder engagement, and assessing the potential for digital media education packages in Oaxaca.

You can access the chapter and the entire book here.

Jason Lee (Professor CJP Lee) conducts interdisciplinary research in the field of health, media and film. This includes work on media industries, mental health, disability, child sexual abuse, and culture, and social media and extremism. Lee is a British Academy Innovation Fellow and Chartered Psychologist. The author and editor of 20 books, including best selling titles with Palgrave and Bloomsbury. Lee is also a best-selling novelist.


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